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“Homophone Hell”
- His Editor

“Hugely entertaining. My brain hurts”
- Name withheld by request

Man vs Poetry.
Poetry just Might Win This Round

The result of far too much education and far too much free time, combined with a penchant for writing verse which isn’t quite “Drivel” but probably can’t be legally described as “Poetry”.

Tobias has been composing (if that’s the word for it) and performing (if that’s the word for it) his pieces of rhyme, alliteration, assonance, and asininity for three years and so far no one has been able to restrain him.

His composed works (if that’s the word for it) may be found bound in a slim volume of poetry in our Adequate Shop page next door.

So, what is Artisanal Gibberish? Perhaps the following clips might help clarify...

You can bring Artisanal Gibberish to your event, party, shindig, or random gathering of people for an almost hilariously reasonable rate - Contact Tobias today!


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