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The Adequate Podcast Proudly (?) presents ASK PHILO - a weekly Q&A with Philo T Headbecker-Neecap, Rednecromancer from Northern SouthEast Texas.
Philo fields your questions about the Dark Arts & Crafts, Possums, Were-Alligators, Moon Pies (on fire or not), whether Gramma is a zombie or a revanant (THERE’S A DIFFERENCE, Y’ALL!) and any other topics that wander into his head.

If you have a question for Philo, you can send it to him at


The original “Adequate Podcast” is a series of 52 weekly podcasts which eminated from an Undisclosed Location in San Antonio, Texas, and served as a “Hey, why don’t you make a podcast?” podcast covering a Gallimaurfy of things, but tending toward Magic, Performing, Theater, Renaissance Festivals, and silliness.

Tobias also features bits of Artisanal Gibberish in each podcast, because it’s his darn podcast and it’s his darn poetry.



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