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Tobias the Adequate SRF2015Tobias the Adequate  is the "Persona au Gratin" of entertainer Matthew Legare - the product of close to two decades of improvisational and interactive performing at hundreds of fairs, festivals, markets and other events throughout California, Nevada, Oregon, and Texas

Tobias offers two “flavors” of his stuff:


SPN2017 Sword swallowing croppedDangerous and More Than a Little Stupid - The Magic Show

Bringing a high-energy, highly-interactive comedy-and-magic show to an increasing number of increasingly bemused people since 2002, Tobias’s shows feature  rapid banter, slapstick magic, uncalled-for moments of philosophy, random anecdotes about what happened in the last show, all of which adds up to a performance which is, in his own words ... 

“Dangerous and More Than a Little Stupid”


Elixir label 200x200Professor Tobias’ Miracle Elixir - The Medicine Show

In which Professor Tobias extols the virtues of his GEN-U-WINE Spurious Elixir (Guaranteed Spurious) in both word and deed, demonstrating the cure for the awful malady of Fromnambulating Rhombotosis, leading the adoring throng in the highly-infectious Miracle Elixir Singalong Jingle, and finally taking his own life into his hands to demonstrate the restorative powers of this  wonder concoction!

(Please note: The claims made during this show have not been verified by any regulatory agency or person of reasonable sensibilities. Thank you.)

If you’re interested in seeing what sort of things he gets up to in various environments, might we suggest checking out his YouTube Channel.

Here’s his “Demo Reel” Playlist!

You can bring Adequacy to your event, party, shindig, or casual gathering of people for a hilariously reasonably rate - Contact Tobias today!


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